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#7OneStars – The Colosseum


Real reviews by real people...


Have you ever read one-star reviews online? It’s one of our favourite things to do while travelling. We recently looked at what people were saying about the 7 Wonders of The World, and had to make a small series to illustrate (or animate) the results….. enjoy!

“I expected something spectacular…”

The Colosseum


  1. “I expected something spectacular, like an Alien ship or fountain of Youth… “
  2. “TBH tho, it’s not that impressive.”
  3. “Seriously… it looks better on tv than real life.”
  4. “Spent most of the time there queuing for the toilet!”
  5. “Not worth it”
  6. “There’s no point unless you’re a fan of Roman history”
  7. “It looks like a structure that could’ve been created for a ride at Islands of Adventure”