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Here at yelldesign we’ve been chatting about the idea of creating a street library for a while now.  After checking out a few different styles in neighbouring suburbs, and many discussions over coffee, we thought we were ready to create a street library that was unique to the streets of Fitzroy.

There were a few key things we wanted to achieve with the project.  Firstly, we wanted the library to be embedded into a structure rather than it be stand alone.  Secondly, it needed to be highly visible, water tight and easily accessible.  And lastly, we wanted to stock it with as many local authors as possible.

So first things first, we needed a location.  Thankfully, we found the perfect fence not far from our studio where (fortunately for us) the home owners were more than happy ta have their fence cut into (in exchange for a few bottles of wine!) to embed a local street library. 

Then, with measurements in hand, we dusted off the tools and got busy building the timber housing for the library.  Once the basic structure was created, we then fit it with sliding doors and LED lights (for those night owls needing a good book ?).  Then with the finishing touch of laser cut signage we were ready to go!

Installation was as simple as cutting a big hole in the fence and affixing the library into the fence cavity.  Done!

We were also super lucky to have local author Sophie Cunningham officially open the Fitzroy Street Library! A few champagnes later we were well and truly ready to grab a book and give a book.

A big thanks to local authors Susannah Chambers, Sophie Cunningham, Chris Womersley and Mat Larkin for donating their killer books to get the Fitzroy Street Library up and running!

So, time to get reading, follow @fitzroystreetlibrary to find out what’s in the box this week!

August 20, 2019 Behind the Scenes

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