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On Friday 16 June, yelldesign premiered its first ever short film at TEDx Sydney 2017.

Approximately 4000 people at the event were treated to 15 speakers, 7 performers and 10 short films over the course of the day. The topics covered by the speakers ranged from Tobacco sponsorship of superannuation funds (seriously – check your Super Fund, you could be accidentally funding the tobacco industry), to Muscle Dysmorphia, youth detention, victim blaming in Domestic Violence cases, and living with an anxiety disorder.

It was an intense day; thought provoking, entertaining and disturbing.



We were lucky to be approached by TEDx’s Film Curator Sinead McDevitt (pictured below) earlier in the year to produce a piece for TEDx, and over a period of months developed “The Dating Game”. The theme was “Unconventional”, and we wanted to use familiar objects in an unfamiliar way – the whole piece was conceived over lunch with the team, and hinged on using a Hungry Hungry Hippo as a stapler!

It was an unfamiliar challenge for us to produce a short film, with our normal content length hovering around 15-30 seconds per piece. We were also challenged to produce such things as A SCRIPT! and END CREDITS! – all new skills we learnt along the way.

Check out The Dating Game on the TEDx Sydney YouTube channel. (And make sure you have a look at the other films too – a particular favourite is The Beejesus).

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